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Our Services

Fabrication Services

Custom or prototype fabrication is common at Castlewood Machine & Welding. Whether you require large plate work or a small part, our qualified personnel are prepared to take your idea from the drawing stage all the way to final completion.

Material We Fabricate

  • Aluminum
  • Cast
  • Cast Iron
  • Mild Steel

  • Welding Services

    We at Castlewood Machine & Welding are proud to provide a wide range of welding services to Castlewood, SD and surrounding areas. We have a wealth of experience and technical expertise to draw upon when working on your project. We repair and maintain trailers for the following: boats, campers, commercial, livestock, utility and vehicle trailers.

    Material We Weld

  • Aluminum
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Cast Iron
  • Mild Steel
  • Machining Services

    We are committed to precision quality, on time delivery, and overall excellence in the production of machined parts as required by our customers. We strive for accuracy and promptness from the beginning to end of each production process.

    Repair Services

    We have the capabilities to do a wide variety of repair work. They include portable welding for feedlots, farm equipment, trucks, trailers, and service calls.

    Hay, Grain & Large Load Delivery Services

    From grain, hay or straw bales, large machinery or any other item you may have, we will haul it to where ever you may need.

    We also offer delivery for all of our products anywhere in the contiguous (48) United States at a lesser cost then freight delivery. Delivery prices do vary from size of the load to the distance so please call for specific delivery pricing.

    Custom Ag Concrete Work

    From silo foundations, to barn foundations we do custom ag cement work. Any questions about a project you may need, contact us and we would love to talk about it.