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Roll Off Products

Custom or prototype fabrication is common at Castlewood Machine & Welding. Whether you require large or small containers, our qualified personnel are prepared to take your idea from the drawing stage all the way to final completion.

Roll Off Items

  • General Roll Offs
  • Flatbed Roll Offs
  • Tub Roll Offs
  • Front Load Dumpsters
  • Rear Load Dumpsters

  • Agriculture Products

    We at Castlewood Machine & Welding are proud to provide a wide range of welding services to Castlewood, SD and surrounding areas. We have a wealth of experience and technical expertise to draw upon when working on your project. We repair and maintain trailers for the following: boats, campers, commercial, livestock, utility and vehicle trailers.

    Agriculture Items

  • Bale Feeders
  • Bale Wagon
  • Bunk Feeders
  • Bunkline
  • Calf Shelters
  • Cattle Guard
  • Cattle Panels
  • Fencing
  • Panbunks
  • Portable Building
  • Wind Breaks