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Free Standing Windbreak Panels

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Free Standing Windbreak Panel


  • Made with 11ga and 14ga 2"x3" rectangular tubing frame.
  • These have 5 vertical frame posts, and 2 horizontal to make up the frame.
  • Each panel has 2 chains and gussets at each end to hook to a post, fence, or panel.
  • Each panel has 2-12' long 'feet' that can be bent to have a slight raise or left straight. (These feet are removable by loosening a 5/8" set bolt)
  • Each panel has a 4' long bar on the top center, that is used to move the panel.
  • We can also weld on clips to hook with the bottom of your bucket edge.
  • We can deliver up to 18 of these panels at a time anywhere in the US.

  • Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 8' tall x 24' long
  • Weight: 900lbs

  • Price: $595