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Bottomless Feed Bunks

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Bottomless Feed Bunks


Our bottomless feed bunks are a great way to cost effectively feed cattle a large ration while still being able to feed a wide range of cattle sizes. All bunks are 20' long but can be made to custom sizes and are 4' wide at the top and 3' wide at the bottom. The bunks are built of 12 ga steel with rolled smooth edges.

Our Bottomless Feed Bunks can come with either a single or double rail down the center. Single for cows and bulls, double for calves or larger. Large bulls can also feed out of the double rail bunks if need be.

To prevent from freezing to the ground, our bunks also have risers built on the bottom.


  • Dimensions: 20' long - Custom Sizes also available
  • Material: 12 ga steel

  • Price: $575